Fight Acne without using Medication

Acne is a serious issue for most of us, but don’t worry. Now we have a various measures to keep acne away from you.

Mostly, almost all of us have acne problems especially during our teenage years. Indeed, it is very irritating and it leads to serious problems like depression in many people if it doesn’t get fine. But there are ways to fight acne without taking strong medicines like antibiotics etc which may subside acne for a little while and make acne grow faster again anytime too. Therefore, follow these simple steps to prevent acne and see the results yourself.

  • Never Pop Zits

Many teenage girls and boys too, try to pop out their pimples and acne hit areas especially on weekends or when they need to attend any party or special occasion. Popping out acne zits is a major sin that you can do to your already acne hit skin. This leaves dark spots, marks and worst of all, deep cracks forever. Moreover, most of the time, pimples have pus in them. When you break pimples, the chances of pus spreading all over are at its maximum which causes more and more acne and pimples.

  • Live a Stress Free Life

Stress has become a crucial part of our lives. It is now as important in our lives as eating or drinking. But this is very wrong and it is the major cause of bringing acne to your skin. Moreover, your skin loses its glowing complexion and you are likely to have wrinkles soon with more acne on your face. Therefore, try to avoid taking stress as it is the best way to fight acne and have a smooth and glowing complexion of skin.

  • Avoid Over-Washing Your Face

Washing your face twice or thrice is good to prevent acne but don’t over wash. The reason to it is that, an overdose of chemicals through soaps and face washes is not good no matter how good anti-bacterial and anti-acne soaps and face washes you are using. Rather, a better option is to wash your face just with water every now and then. It helps in refreshing the skin cells which fights better and effectively against acne.

  • Avoid Touching Your face

Our fingers and hands have lots of bacteria on them which we cannot see. This is one of the prime causes that lead to acne. Moreover, touching acne irritates the skin and if you touch the same fingers at some other point on your skin then the chances of having acne at that place gets higher. Therefore, try to avoid touching your face and acne hit areas as much as possible.

  • Wash Your Hair Frequently

Regular and daily cleaning of hair is as important as washing your hands and face. Hair is the area which is like a warehouse for storing large amounts of oil, dirt and eventually leading to dandruff. All this drastically impacts skin by causing acne. Therefore, wash your hair daily to keep them clean and smooth and ultimately protecting your skin from acne too.

  • Change Your Pillow Case Frequently

Pillow cases are another reason which aggravates the acne. It is because of the fact that when we sleep, many pimples break and the pus and dirty blood spreads over. Moreover, rubbing the acne hit skin with the pillow case and then placing the acne free areas on the same pillow case creates more acne. So, in order to avoid all this and minimize the bacterial growth, it is best advised to change the pillow cases regularly.

Last but not the least, the best medicine to prevent your skin from acne is to drink lots and lots of water and avoid junk and oily foods. You will see the changes yourself in skin and the acne will taper off within a few months.

Acne is a serious issue for most of us, but don’t worry. Now we have a various measures to keep acne away from you.

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