Festive Ideas For Nail

Nail color makes your nails looks attractive and this was the only reason why woman used to paint their nails but now nail art has become a fashion statement. All over the world, there are different ideas for nails and everyone loves it. 

Nail art is not a new thing it is been done since ages but at that time it did not gained popularity and now through media this technique has gained lot of fame. There are many festive ideas for nail, which one can follow to look beautiful.

Festive idea for nails could be to use bold neon color nail colors, this season. These colors are very much in fashion, give a rich look to the hands, and make them look sexier. One can also go for the nude colors but the new shade of nude color is grey so do apply it. 

Nail art is very common now days and another idea for nail is the simple nail designs. Simple things appeal more as compared to complicated one. Two-tone manicure is very much in fashion these days; you can paint your nails in two colors one in darker shade and other in lighter one. French manicure is very common so instead of painting your tips white paint them in yellow or orange, it will look fabulous. 

There are some designs we see in our everyday life and they appeal us such as stripes so another festive idea for nail could be to paint nails in stripes. Just take a black color and white. After this design, your hands will look more attractive. 

One of the cutest festive ideas for nails for young girls could be paint the nail in darker color and when it gets dries make flowers from colors like oranges and yellow. It will look very cute and girls will love them. 

Some girls love to wear animal prints but now they can also apply animal prints on nails. Pink or white animal prints will look nice and yet this will inspire many others to get it done too. 

Girls love to wear some design and yes, there are some designs that go never out of fashion one of them is polka dot. Festive idea for nails could be to paint your nail in black color and after it make small white dots from white nail color. Everyone will love this nail design. 

Young girls love funky designs so one of the ideas for nail art for them could be colorful lines on the nails. For this, pattern all you have to do is to put a darker color nail polish on nail, then mix different dark colors, and see the new look. 

Now there are nail art spas but nail art is very simple thing it is better to do it at home and when you will do it at your own you will be able to make new designs such as the disco design. This nail art design is very stylish and grabs the attention of the crowd. All you have to do it to take a transparent nail color and apply it. When it gets dries, put glitter on it and at the end again apply the coat of transparent one. 

Nail art is a new thing but nail art is now very common. You can even celebrate your special events through nail art. If you fallen in love with some paint your nails with red and make a heart on it with black color this will look very cute and make you feel good from inside. 

Another festive nail art idea could be to paint your nails with red color and leave one nail. Apply a coat of white color on one nail and then make some shape on it such as a flower or a pattern. It makes your hands look different. Try out new nail art ideas to look different because nails can make you look sexier.

Nail art is very common since 15th century. Woman loves to apply different nail colors on hands but there are some festive ideas for nails, which make your hand, look beautiful. Designs like polka dots, spirals, animal’s prints look amazing when done o

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