Eye Makeup for Yellow Dress

Yellow is the color of Happiness, Joy and strength. Yellow is important color in summers which gives the sign of freshness in hot summer. Many of us are lovingly wear elegant yellow dress in summers but sometime we might face bit tough time when it’s about the makeover with elegant yellow dress.

So pretty girls don’t get confused now, here at Fashion Central we are giving you eye makeup for yellow dress for your casual and formal wear.

Yellow Smokey eyes with yellow dress for formal wear:

Smokey eyes are no doubt looks so fantastic in eyes makeup. If you are wearing your elegant yellow dress as party wear or for ceremony, boldly go for yellow Smokey eyes.

  • Apply a foundation suitable for your skin type and set up face with powder.
  • Apply primer smoothly to eyelids and around bone. Don’t forget to apply it because it will keep your Yellow Smokey eye makeup neatly and long lasting. Apply a very thin coat of primer, as thin coat gives smoother affect.
  • Now make a base of shimmery yellow eye shades. Urban Decay eye shadows, MAC eye shadows and many more are fantastic brands available in Pakistan.
  • And many others have fantastic range of shadows. So choose your favorite one and apply evenly on eyelid with shadow brush. Blend smoothly by following the crease of eyelid.
  • Now with crease brush apply a black eye shadow by following upper lash line and apply it evenly till the end corner of eye.
  • Blend softly to upwards and mash the colors, but for blending both yellow and black eye shadows use clean eye shadow brush.
  • Now apply artificial lashes and apply mascara.
  • Don’t forget to make fine line with white eye liner from inner corner to the bottom on the lower lash line. This will help to give bigger affect.
  • Now you are done with yellow Smokey eyes for your elegant yellow party wear dress.

So this was about special occasion eye makeup for yellow dress. Now we gonna tell you some other tricks of eye makeup for yellow dress of casual wears.

  • In simple eye makeup for yellow dress you can apply light pink shade with eyeliner and mascara.
  • Gold metallic eye shades also give decent look in eye makeup for yellow dress, just don’t apply thick layer. Thin layer of eye shadow will be very fine

Elegant yellow dress in summers is lovingly wear by all but sometime to decide eye makeup for yellow dress is might give confusion, get tricks here for summer eye makeup for yellow dress.

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