Effective Tips for Winter Makeup

With the arrival of winter months, let’s get ready to change gears and opt for the winter makeup essentials and put away the summer accessories. In this connection, we share very useful and effective tips relating to winter makeup.

1. Foundation – In winters the skin is prone to getting dry and it needs moisture so that glow remains and can be seen. To ensure this you have to acquire a foundation which is moisturizing in nature.

In addition, there arises a need to pick a lighter shade for your foundation. This should become a preference.

2. Blush – To achieve a natural flushed look add a matte pink blush on your cheeks. The shade of the blush should be close to natural.

3. Eyeliners – The recommendation is to select eyeliners in vivid shades and finishes. Colors like emerald green, royal blue, brown, metallic shades such as golden, copper, rose gold, etc. are recommended.

4. Eyeshadows – The eye shadows may be picked by giving preference to darker shades such as plum, burgundy, deep orange, navy blue, brown, taupe, chocolate and matching them. Avoid Brighter shades such as green, yellow, turquoise, which are more relevant to summer.

5. Lip colours – Make a selection by preferring   deep and dark colours. The colors to be chosen are wine, oxblood red, berry, brown and the likes.

7. Nail paints – Here also give up the   bright summer colours. Use and depend on the dark winter colours. A touch of glitter can bring in the gorgeous touch.

Winter makeup tips During winters it is normal for skin to become dry and flaky due to the cold winds.

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