Now-a-days few things come back in the female’s dresses, especially in Shalwar kameez wear. 
Well Now-a-days, among all other men’s and children’s wear, present focus of Pakistan fashion industry is mostly on women’s wear. Like ‘chuniri’ work Kundan, Moti, Siatara and Dabka, and mirror work are again present in the markets. Chuniri goes well mostly with bright colored dresses; it is wearable in shalwar kameez, pajamas, and even in Lehnga. Now long shirts are also ‘Inn’ with lenga. Not only with lehnga, even in shalwar kameez, long shirts and long dopata are once again in their bloom. Also some girls love to wear the shalwar which look like loose pajamas; the legs are wide at the top, and narrow at the bottom.
                 But there is some etiquette to carry long shirts with long dopata. Like girls with the comparatively less height should wear normal length shirts and dopata. On the other hand heighten girls can easily carry long shirts & dopata. Similarly bulky girls should wear small printed cloths, so, that they look bit smart or at least normal look and smart girls can easily wear huge prints. So, we can say that slim smart and heighted people have little bit more advantages to adopt any sort of fashion of their own choice as compared to others. 
                Now-a-days mostly women consider modern to experience new styles of fashion. Some are in habit to consult with designers regarding to their dressing. So they usually do what their consult designers suggest them to do. Besides them some people apply their own styles & designs on their dresses. This is not a bad idea, as this thing enhances your creativity and boosts your confidence level regarding your dressing.   

Sometimes old things reappear, it happens in the world of fashion as well.

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