Do the Summer Styling the Right Way

Summer is here with all its bling, giving you all the good reasons to style at your best. The trends are changing rapidly with each year, but what’s more important is considering the comfort level along with styling.

Figure out your summer styling this year with an edge of sophistication and elegance. Rather than just being a blind fashion follower, pick out practical summer styles that suits best according to your routine and personality. Following are some great tips to help you in doing the summer styling the right way.

Keep Your Shoes Flat

For a casual day-out in summers, selection of comfortable shoes is a must. Your summer foot wears should be stylish, yet comfortable enough to let your feet breathe in the hot and humid weather.

flat shoes

Choose the flat and open-toed shoes with sturdy support to keep you from sweat-slipping out of them.

Go for Loose Dressings

Summer is certainly not the time for skin-fitted and tight clothing to wear. The cardinal rule to hot summer season dressing is that bigger is better.

loose clothes

Wear lose kurta shirts and flairy tops to give extra wiggle room to the air, thus allowing it to circulate a lot better. Loose clothes will allow you to feel comfortable and stylish in the hot weather. Too tight clothing can cause skin irritation and itching due to heavy sweat in summers.

Wear Camouflage Patterns

Do your wardrobe styling this summer by introducing camouflage patterns and prints. It is a stylish and intelligent way of hiding those unwanted and embarrassing sweat stains.

summer fashion

Though, solid colors too look great, but patterns camouflage perspiration a whole lot better than them. You can wear a striped print or abstract print to give a fresh look to your summer outfit.

Layer it Up

Though, it might seem strange to you, but layering up with different fabrics in summertime is actually a great way of styling. A single light piece of clothing will stick to your body with the presence of sweat, and you will find yourself constantly busy in tugging, fixing, and fanning things to make sure that you are accidently showing your skin to others.

summer clothes

Give yourself a great summer styling by picking up some outfits that already come with an inner slip or you can also do it yourself by adding clever layers to your summer outfit by playing with colors combination.

Go for Natural Fibers

Choose the summer clothes that are made up with natural fibers. Generally, natural fibers and fabrics are more breathable and comfortable than anything in synthetics.

natural fiber

Since, the natural fabrics are not too stretchy, you need to make sure to make your tops and kurtas bigger in size. Go for simple and softer lawn stuff for hot summer days, rather than picking up swiss voiles.

Don’t Say NO to Dark Colors

You may have heard that darker colors retain more heat, but the difference between a black summer top and a white one is very minimal. Ditch this myth, and say yes to darker colors this summer. As a matter of fact, dark shades work better when it comes to hiding sweat.

dark clothes

Go for darker shades in breathable fabrics and you can do your summer styling with every shade you want to. By wearing darker shades, you can avoid wearing slip under your top and look slimmer as well.

Choose the Right Bag

In summer time, make sure to choose those styles of bags that don’t touch your skin. For going out, a cross-body bag with a thin strap is an ideal option that hits your right at your clothed parts i.e. your hip or thigh.

summer bags

Instead of carrying a shoulder bag, which sticks to your armpits, you will feel a lot better and comfortable by carrying a cross-body bag in the hot weather. Ditch the big bags fashion and try to carry trendy tote bags and box bags instead to ease up your summer styling.

Make this summer time special for you by making your own style statement. Pick the summer styling ideas that are practical and comfortable for you.

Have a look at some great ideas to do the summer styling in right way. Go for simple styling with breathable fabric to feel great this season.

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