Cream Blush Versus Powder Blush

As a whole cream blush and powder blush both are  good both have the same objective of giving your skin a flawless looks, making it radiant and attractive and giving you that killer blushes but they both have some drawbacks and advantages in different aspects.
Like Cream blush is good when your skin is dry and you want to give it moisturizer plus some extra glow and shine but at the time the shine on your face by cream blush can be turn in to oily outlook very soon if you skin releases some extra moisture.
In the same way powder blush can give you radiant skin if your skin is oily but it will temporary, after few hours the powder blush will loss its magic and the flaws of the skin will be visible. So what’s the way out to sort the problem and get the benefit from those? Yes you are right; we can apply the combination of both these brilliant cosmetic inventions.
You can use cream blush and powder blush both to give your skin a smooth, alive and protected looks for long hours just if you use cream blush and powder blush in series. For doing so you need to apply cream blush first very well upon your skin .wait for it to get absorb and set naturally then apply some powder blush to your cheeks and chin or any area that can be oily in next few hours.
Tab the powder blush very well and remove the excess of it by blush brush. Now here you go having protected, long lasting make up for the day. We bet the combination of powder blush and cream blush is ideal and won’t disappoint you.

If you can’t do so then make these two cosmetics application on seasonal basis. It means apply cream blush in winters to keep your skin moist and radiant and use powder blush in summers to avoid shine on face due to sweating. In both the solutions they will work great for you.

For looking younger and for having radiant skin which cosmetic is good either the cream blush or the powder blush?. Today we are going to finalize this argument by sorting out some ways for you. Here we go

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