Cosmetics-pros and cons

Beauty is God gifted, but a little touch here, a little finishing there, can make you look much more than a simple “Beautiful”.

The word cosmetics encircles just about everything from make-up to scents and perfumes. If I had my way of explaining it, cosmetics is something which can make you “Perfect”. A little mascara on the eyelashes, a little tint of blush-on on your cheeks, a good perfume and good hair, and the recipe for magic is here. Or if I were to use another word, the recipe for “perfection” is here.

Countless cosmetics brands are available in the market, each one of them claiming to be the best. Yes, we do have some clearly promising brands like luscious cosmetics, L’Oreal, Etude and infinite others, but the fact remains the same that you need to have a little understanding of your skin to know which brand deserves to be on your dressing table.

Using cosmetic products might not sound like a rocket science or something you need to be hassled about, but the truth is, used  the right way, cosmetic products can make you look beautiful but used in the wrong way, the effect can be pretty much devastating.

Cosmetics products need to be used with care or it can cause serious harm to your skin and other parts of the face. A mascara wand can cause serious eye damage if it scratches the eye or you accidentally poke it in the eye. Never try to apply mascara on your eyes while you are mobile, like when you are driving a car.

Beauty cosmetics should never be shared. Always make sure that your make-up cosmetics really are your own. Sponges and brushes can cause skin problems if shared by other people because they are a source to pick up bacteria. Always make sure to wash your hands before using them on your skin and keep your cosmetics products clean.

Did you know that sleeping one night with make-up cosmetics applied on your face can make your skin age 8 days? Shocked to hear that? It has been scientifically proved. Always make sure that you remove make-up cosmetics from your skin before you go to sleep. Use a good cleanser and wash your face later on.

Mascara can cause bloodshot, irritated eyes if not removed at night. Apart from that, Mascara or any other cosmetics products should always be purchased from reliable cosmetics companies. Cheap mascara might cost you less, but end up taking away your eye-lashes.

Care also needs to be taken while you are using hair products. Never use cosmetics products which can endanger your hair health. Some hairsprays even contain Aerosol which can catch fire if precautionary steps are not taken.

To put it in a nutshell, we can say that cosmetics are a wonderful way for women to enhance their beauty, but if not used properly, it can cause serious damages. Have a beauty day!

The word Cosmetics encircles just about everything from make-up to scents and perfumes. If I had my way of explaining it, Cosmetics is something which can make you “Perfect”.

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