Bridal Handbags A Better Choice

When it comes to a bride. All she seeks for is detail. Wedding day is the biggest day in a girl’s life. She frets on the each itchy-bitchy detail and whines on the nitty gritties of perfection. A Pakistani bride will not miss on anything. AN-AN NOT A CHANCE!

From her lehenga (wedding dress) to her shoes, from her jewelry to her hairstyle and makeup, she demands to have every bit of perfection she can ever have in her whole life. And why shouldn’t she? IT’S HER BIG DAY!

So, if she looks at such details how you can think that she might not put her thoughts to the piece where the most important aspect of her wedding goes THE SALAMIS (Wedding gift money). Well, she has to choice out this piece of exotic freshness and honeymoon cultivating resource into the best piece of her ornamentation. And for that she selects her wedding bags.

The wedding bags of bride come in various options. The handbags are either fabricated or have luscious pieces of detailed ornamentation on them that brings about the bling-bling character of that wedding entity.

So let’s have a look around the choices these brides have with their bridal handbags. Yes, ladies let go:


They come in various styles. As the name suggests, these are meant to be kept in hands. Yes, clutch them hard!

They come in various shapes and sizes ( elongation) The purpose of using them is to hold them close  They look great .They could be diamond embedded or stone embedded.

Padded bags

Well, another option for the brides around the corner is the padded bags. These are usually made out of an inside structure that is cover by a padded structure on the outside.

These are decorated with broches and other design related ornamentation. This is another handbag for the brides.

Wedding Dress-alike pouches

Well, for the traditional brides these are the pouches which matches their traditional lehengas.These are surfaced with embellishments and have a lot floral, stone  work and even hints of those gotas and dabkas from their outfit design.

So, these are the three main designs that roam about in trends with the bridal fashion. These bags have been revolving in the eastern trends since so long as since it’s a one day event, the size of the bag needs to be small. So, these bridal hand bags best-fit.  The general colors available for theses bags are the reds, bronze, gold, silvers, peaches mostly. This is because these colors usually tend to match up with eastern wedding attire and hence throws a gorgeous look and appeal.

We hope you have the better insides on the bridal bag fashion.  So, those who are having troubles seeking for the right bridal bag should have gone on the insights we have provided!

Author: Haadiyah Mujahid

This article here is a style guide on the bridal handbags. It discusses the styles of hand bags that are adopted by the conventional brides.

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