Braided HairstyleTrend for Women

Hair trends keeps on changing from season to season. The hottest hair style trend of this year is the braided one. Braided hair style are great for season like winter and fall, it is the best way to preserve your hair. There are braids for every occasion and they look amazing on every occasion. This hair style trend gives you a very neat and clean look; people get attracted towards you from your hairstyle. Braided hair style is a Native American style.

French braid:

French braid is very old and unique hair style trend. French braid can make your hair organized; this braid is for shorter hair too. French braid is a very common braided hair style it looks simply elegant. To make this braid all you have to do it collects a small section of hair close to crown of head and start braiding from there. Well add more hair to three sections. French braid is an easy way out, this way your hair won’t disturb you. Well there is variety in French braid you can even put lose curls on the side of braid.

Fishtail braid:

Fishtail braid is a unique hair style trend; it is not very common but looks very stylish. Hair trends keeps on changing but fishtail braid is always in. this new braided hairstyle which is fish tail it is very good for the starters. To make this braid you just have to divide your hair into two half’s, than part it down the middle. Than just pull a thin strand from the outer of one half and add it to the other one, pulling beneath the rest of half. Do it until you reach the bottom of your hair. At the ends tie up with some cute ribbon or pony.

Half-Up Braid

Hair style trends also vary from hair to hair. There is new braided hair style which is half up braid. This braid is for curly hair. You can make this braid by pulling a small section of hair from above your ears. Start making braid from one end and do the same from other end. At the end pin up the two braids. This is a new hair trend in braid form. Leave your rest of hair open they will give a really new look.

Braid with a pony:

There are many different styles when it comes to braided hair styles. When it comes to pony tail there are lot of option in it. One option in this starts with a French braid and stops it when your neck comes. Tie this braid with elastic and leave your pony. You can also go for an easy option which is do a side braid and let it pile into your pony tail.

Braid on both side

Braid on both is a hair trend for girls who go to schools and to work. This both side braid is very simple and give a really cute look to the girls. Simply do a French braid on both side and leave some hair from the front.

Braided hair styles get comes back after every ten year and this year braid are really hit. Every woman should experience new hair trend this change can give them a refreshing look. Change is always pleasant for the eyes. Braided styles are the new hair

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