Blond Hair With Red Highlight Makeup

If you have recently changed your hair color or have naturally blond hair but have you ever thought about what make up will go with your hair color? Do you know what makeup suits your blond hair? Having blond hair means you can simply look worse with wrong makeup. Wrong makeup will destroy your overall appearance.

There are many colors and looks that you can wear but as you know sometimes makeup can tend to overpower your natural skin tone and your hair color. Generally a warm golden hair looks perfect with reddish makeup. Have you ever tried it? If not then you must give it a try. It will make you simply gorgeous.

Having blond hair doesnot mean to cover your whole face with red makeup. You should only use light makeup. Don’t be too heavy. Beautiful blond hair deserves special attention. Red can often be overpowering so use only red highlights to keep your main focus on your hair color. Make sure that you are applying makeup only to enhance your beauty by highlighting your features.

Eye makeup is considered to be the most important in overall makeup so it is necessary to pay attention to your eyes. Reddish makeup on eyes with alittle touch of copper and golden looks just fabulous. You can also use red eyeshadow as an eye liner. You can also soften the looks by using smudging brush. Limit red eyeshadow only on the outer layer of your eyes and finish lashes with a coat of black mascara. You can also add a coat of brown mascara instead of black for a finished golden glow look.

Create a healthy looking glow. Your blush color should be pink or peach. Blonds look perfect in the sheer shades of pink and peach. Applying red blush on cheeks will overpower your natural hair color so use peachy reddish shade on your cheek bones to create a healthy looking glow. A dab of peach blush will also help to warm up your skin tone. If you find that color looks too brightjust use a little translucent powder over it to tone it down.

To finish your makeup reach for a bright red lipstick. Sometimes light shades are preferred by most of the ladies. But to look most beautiful, choose beautiful bright red shade for your lips. Once you put your color on your lips and find it too much then you can go with a lipgloss or frosted lipstick over it. If you want to soften your lipstick then lipgloss with shimmer can be the perfect choice. If you are trying to soften red shade of lipstick then you must use a gold shimmer product. You will find how beautifully it changes your lipstick shade to slightly coral.

The most important thing that you must keep in your mind is that wherever you apply red highlighted makeup on your face; you must try a number of different mixtures or topping on your makeup with a little frosted highlighter to give a soften look.

Usually light colors are used with blond hair But be different and use red highlighted makeup with your blond hair. I am suggesting you some makeup tips that you can use with your blond hair to have a stunning and gorgeous look.

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