Best Natural Skin Tightening Home Remedies


Face lifts if handled by saloon experts cost a lot of money. Added to that the surgery option is accompanied by risks. What further makes it a bit of a nuisance is that recovery time is spread over a number of days and involves attentive care plus there being the possibility of visible scarring.

So the better choice is to go for home related remedies which are definitely safer, the costs are not a burden on the pocket and there are no chances of scarring. By application and employing of the home remedies the results will be apparent and you will look noticeably better, even if not as perfect as after a surgery.

Honey & Fruit

The combination of honey and fruit represents a most recommended face lift home remedy application. Use a blender and via the blender start to blend a handful each of strawberries and grapes. Also add one half of a pear, one half of an apple and 1-ounce orange juice. The honey can be spread over your face, and this can be further covered with the fruit mixture. The fruit mixture will be placed over the honey spread.

Let the two mixtures remain for a period not extending beyond half an hour. Once this time is over, the fruit and honey can be removed by rinsing with warm water. In this connection remember and please make note of the fact that Honey by itself is an effective mask for the skin and can be left on for a period of 15 minutes by itself before proceeding with rinsing.

Cream and Banana

Mixture of cream and banana is a commendation for anti-aging face lifts. After peeling the banana, proceed with mashing of the banana and mixing with cream. Do some whipping to get a good mixture. Thereafter prick a vitamin E capsule, pour the liquid from the capsule into the mix of cream and banana. Spread this onto the face and neck. Let it remain for a time span of around 15 minutes and after 15 minutes wipe it off gently with a very clean but damp cloth.

Eggs with Sugar

Eggs contain protein albumin and amino acids. They have adequate nutrients and these nutrients offer benefits to the skin in the shape of toning and smoothing the skin. Proceed by mixing and whisking two egg yolks. Add thereto one spoon of sugar, and place the mixture over the face. Leave this mixture over the face for about 25 minutes. Once the time period is complete, splash warm water to clean.


Research has shown that facial exercises yield benefits. There is a need to keep the skin lifted and tight. So it is through exercise that facial muscles are strengthened to the extent of, 250 percent. Further skin elasticity is enhanced by 35 percent in eight weeks.

Remember that toning of the face can be facilitated by basic contraction and resistance training. One recommendation is that you place your thumbs pointed down on the outer corner of your eyes. Then you can squeeze your eyes tight and let the thumb slide over the contracted muscles. All you have to do further is to relax and then repeat the movement at least 10 times. The puffiness will start to vanish and the skin tone around the eyes will get better.

There are some very effective home remedies which have been used to tighten loose skin naturally.

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