Best Hair Removal Products

Getting rid of unwanted hair permanently from their body is the dream of every woman. In some societies, men are also conscious about getting rid of hair from their chest and other parts of their body. When it comes to removing hair, many companies claim that their products are the best, but usually after using such products, the hair grows back after just a few days. Here, we will discuss some good hair removal products available in Pakistan and some hair removal tips which will help you use these products more effectively in various ways.

1. Hair removal creams and lotions

This is the most commonly used hair removal product all over the word. An important hair removal tip regarding hair removal creams and lotionsis that one should use it on a small patch before applying completely. The reason behind this is that many products cause irritation and allergy to different types of skins. Moreover, these products are good for using on legs, arms, under arms and bikini areas.

One can also use it on the face after testing and you will get rid of hair for at least 10 days. Some of the best hair removal creams include Veet and Nair. The prices of both creams are approximately PKR 150 each.

2. Waxing

Waxing is also commonly used for hair removal, especially in Asian countries. Waxing is good because it not only removes hair from their roots but also takes away dead cells from the area, resulting in smooth skin for 4 to 6 weeks. Some hair removal tips should be followed to get best results from waxing. As waxing is painful, do it in small patches.

Always dust some talcum powder to the area and wax regularly for good results as regular use of wax results in less growth of hair. Sally Hansen No-Heat hair remover wax strips and Veet wax strips are widely used by females. The approximate prize of Sally Hansen wax strip is PKR 650 while Veet strips are available at a price of PKR 300. You can wax every month if need be or even every 15 days.

3. Electronic hair removal machines

Electronic products are also being used by the young generation these days. They work efficiently on small hair. They are also an alternative to waxing but difficult to use on longer hair. The best tip is to first apply a hair removal cream and when the hair start growing in a couple of days, use your epilator to remove hair from their roots. Always keep your epilator clean from hygienic point of view. The best hair removal products include different categories of Braun Silk Epil machines which range from 3 thousand PKR to 5 thousand PKR.

4. Razors and shaving creams

This is the most fast and painless way of removing hair from all body parts. The best hair removal tip for getting long lasting results from shaving is to use a good quality shaving cream and razor. Cheap shaving creams and soaps result in dryness, itching and burns. Gillete and Samsol are some brands of razors and shaving creams range from 500 PKR to 1000 PKR.

Hair on the body can be really annoying, especially for women, that is why women spend so much time, energy and money on hair removal products to get rid of unwanted hair on the body. Read on for some hair removal tips and also find the best hair removal

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