Beauty Secrets of Day Spa

A day spa has all the facilities and services as other spas has, like resort spa. It takes an hour or more than an hour. Somehow it’s not that very expensive like others. Here are some beauty secrets of day spa that you can easily give yourself at home.

Method 1: Skin and Hair

Wash your face: You can use a good cleanser according to your skin tone as dry or oily skin. After a gentle cleansing use a toner. And, at the end moisturize with a moisturizer.

Deep conditioning of your hair: You have to apply conditioner to your hair. Your dry hair really needs it. Apply until the hair soaks enough of it. Then, cover your hair and heat it with a dryer. Repeat the process if your hair still very dry.

Shower: A perfect shower has a good shampoo with a conditioner. And, you should use a body wash, scented or a moisturizer. Make yourself special, treat special and feel it. With an exfoliate, scrub your skin. It gently neat the skin. Shave or wax your legs.

Taking a bath: A bath tub can play an important role in day spa. You have to fill the bath tub with warm water, adjust the hotness with your choice. Add some oil, bubble bath in it.  Use some scents, or some flowers in water. Stay in the bath tub for 30 minutes at least. Spray your body with a rose water.

Plucking eyebrows: A good warm water bath can open the body pores and let you feel less pain in plucking off your eye-brows hair. Make your eye-brows neat.

Steam facial: Boil water in any utensil; apply some moisturizer or any other cream on your face. Drop a towel on head and take steam for at least 10 minutes.

Face mask: Wash your face and let it dry. Apply any face mask whether homemade or available in market. Cover your eyes with cucumber slices. Wash after a certain time.

Moisturize face and body: You can use body lotion. Any moisturizer can be a part of it.

Tone your skin: an ice bag can be used to gently rub on your face.

Method 2: Teeth

  • Brush teeth: like a routine teeth brushing, it will add perfection in day spa.
  • Mouth wash: for a refreshing breath mouth wash plays a vital role.

Method 3: Nails

  • Pedicure: fill a large bowl with warm water, and dip your feet in it for 15 minutes. After taking them off, make them dry. Remove extra nail paint and apply neat neutral color nail paint on your nails. Apply some foot cream on your feet. Make your toes divided with some cotton balls with a little lotion on it.
  • Manicure: hands needs more care; apply some cream on your hand. Gently moisturize and massage your hands. Cut your nails and file in with a good shape. Apply a cool nail paint which suits you more.

Method 4: Relax

  • Be comfortable: make the lights turn off, and put on your comfortable clothes to feel relax. Eat your favorite snacks. Treat yourself special and feel calm. Choose anything that make you more relax and comfortable. Sit on a lovely couch.
  • Turn on TV: watch your favorite TV program, or some exciting movie that you will enjoy. When it’s finished, turn off the lights and TV. Read a book or listen up your favorite music. After all that things, make yourself feel relax and think happy things and thought until you feel sleepy. Then, Of course sleep.

Some other spa secrets are as under that are also beneficial.

a). Do spa on a stressful day.

b). Drink tea, it will be relaxing.

c). Let not anybody disturb you, while having spa techniques.

d). Use some homemade facials, it will enhance day spa.

e). Tie your hair properly.

f).  Drink spa cucumber water to feel refreshing.

g). Spray a sweet scent in your room before a spa.

h). Set your plan and intentions, also be mindful.

i).  Be nice and gentle to yourself.


There are a lot of beauty tips and methods to treat and make you feel calm, relax and comfortable. You can give yourself a shower, bath and last but not the least relax.

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