Avoid Pimple Popping with Makeup Alternatives

Pimples are milder than a fully blown acne attack. However, both conditions are brought about by clogged pores. Acne is the inflammation of the skin in which the secreted sebum collects in the pores of the skin and gets clogged therein.

Why do I get Teen Acne? When androgen hormones increases in Teens the oil gland enlarges thus generates more oil. Acne is common where the skin is oily because it secretes more sebum which becomes deposits on the skin. It is the best time to develop the best skin care routine to counter the breakout.

Makeup alternatives to avoid pimples popping

You can use makeup to cover pimples and regain your self-esteem. At times, the teen acne may not get out as soon as you would expect. Nonetheless, one may not feel comfortable walking into a room with pimples popping out all over their face. It would lower the self-esteem, especially in young teens. For this reason, makeup can be used to cover the pimples popping out.

1. Oil-free makeup: If you suffer from acne due to sebum secretion on the skin, then you should choose an oil-free makeup to avoid clogging. Comedogenics or non-acnegenic are cosmetics that do not clog the skin. Go for mineral-based cosmetics that readily absorb the oil. Also, note that water should be one of the ingredients in the makeup you choose. The problem most teens do is that they do not check-up if the makeups have oil or not. They then end up asking themselves why they get teen acne.

2. Use the right makeup primer: It should have SPF to protect you from sun damage if you have hyperpigmentation. It is because the sun can probably slow down the healing process.

3. Consider a powdered foundation with mineral contents: Foundation containing minerals help in reducing clogging on the pores. Minerals work well in avoiding teen acne by absorbing the oil secreted by the skin. Mattifying products are best in this case as they absorb excess oil, and a matte finish conceals the bumpiness that tends to appear as pimples on the skin. Not those foundations that are meant to last the whole day are likely to cause clogging which leads to teen acne.

4. Makeup concealer that best matches your skin tone: A lighter or darker concealer will end up showing the popping pimples instead of hiding them. You can mix two toning colors of concealers if you are not able to find one that matches your skin.

5. Setting powder: Us a setting powder that will not trap oil under your skin giving a disastrous appearance on the face. When one decides to use this setting powder, ensure that it is light enough and is less likely to trap oil under your skin.

When applying the makeup

1. Cleaning and moisturizing - Clean and moisturize your skin by washing with warm water. Then gently rub a moisturizer that is fragrance-free. The moisturizer should be water based to enhance moisturization process on the skin. To protect the skin against sun damage, you can apply a sunscreen. You can use a moisturizer sunscreen to help prevent irritation of the acne spots.

2. Prepare your brush or sponge before use - Bacteria on the hands or the brush can irritate acne spots and even accelerate their multiplication. One needs to wash clean the sponge or brush well before they use it. To avoid the appearance of teen acne then ensure proper skin care routine by first looking into the hygiene of the sponge or brush you use.

3. Applying primer - After using the moisturizer, one should give the skin some time to allow absorption.Use the clean brush or clean finger to implement the primer onto your face. If you do not prefer using the primer to the whole face, then you can just apply on the acne spots. It helps fasten the makeup concealer

4. Makeup concealer - After setting the primer is set, gently apply the concealer on the acne spot without rubbing it. To diffuse high pigmentation, one can opt for a green concealer. However, not that a green concealer is not applicable after applying foundation. It applies if you had preferred to apply the foundation first before the concealer.

5. Apply foundation - Once you set the concealer set, you can now use a brush to apply the foundation. Add little by little until you are satisfied with the appearance. If you realize that the acne spots still show, then wait for few minutes for the foundation to get set and apply the concealer. After the foundation is ready, you can use the rest of your makeup.

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