9 Accessories to add a fun touch to your look

Think you look obnoxious and you aren’t cheesy enough for boys to give to attention? Having issues regarding maintaining your relationship just because your guy thinks you look older, aged and all tossed down? Hello you! It’s time to tie up your shoe lace and get to work! Because here are some amazing tips that would make you look younger, prettier and cheesier.

Accessories are the most important thing that every women should possess as they are of much importance. Accessories are your best friends. By accessorizing your dress you can not only achieve a flattering look but it will add some color in your life as well as it would make you feel fresh and alive.

Here are some of the most exquisite accessories that will add a spark to your daily, dull, boring look. The best part of accessioning your dress is that you can wear same dress looking different every time just with a little variation of color scheme in your accessories.



Make is something you all have, you just need to use the right one at the right time. You can wear a bright lipstick that will enhance your look of the day. Likewise wearing a bright, funky color nail paint such as shades of yellows, reds, greens, blues, aqua etc. can add in your look.

Hair Extensions:

Hair Extensions

Hair plays are a significant role in making your beauty. Hair extensions are a genius invention, as they can easily make your look funky yet sober. Hair extension never get out of fashion, so they are useful and worth spending money on. You can also wear extensions matching your outfit color.

Funky Belts:

Funky Belts

You can use sparkly belts to make your plain outfit look fun, decent and classy all at the same time. You can use both thick and thin belts along with big or normal sized buckles. Belts makes your outfit look neat and in place.

Vibrant Stoles or Scarves:


Bright and vibrant stoles put your dress to life. They make your outfit look Gracie and elegant. You can use bight colored and scarves with multi colors as well as different geometric patterns. Check scarves are in fashion and goes with any outfit quite smoothly.

You can tie the scarves around your neck in different styles like making a knot or leaving both ends hanging. You can use it instead of belt, tying it to your waste. They can even be tied up around your head and make you look totally stylish.



It’s time to leave the matching color strategy and get a little out of the box. You can wear shoes in contrast with your dress. You can wear dazzling shoes with your light tone dresses. This adds a class to it and makes your presence more attractive.

Quirky Bags:

Ladies Bags

You can carry a bright pink bag with a blue dress. There is a variety of quirky bags available in the market that makes your appearance fun and catchy. You can carry a glittery clutch if you’re going to an evening gathering. It gives you a decent yet fun look and make people more attracted to you. Box shaped clutches are also useful in mat colors. Then use can carry camera and burger shaped clutches as well.



Hoops makes you look all girly and fun. You can wear spiky wrist bands and metal bangles to make your look perfect for a day. Funky and dazzling earrings enhance your look whereas long and short length necklaces with different symbols also makes your look fun.



You can use jackets to rock your look. Wearing a denim jacket makes you look stylish and sophisticated. You can also wear leather jackets and short lengthen jacket as they are classier.

Hair Pins and Bands:

Hair Pins

Wearing a flowered hair band or a head bow pined in your hair keeps your over all look on girly side. You can also use butterfly pins and diamante pins you make your hair bun stand out.

These are the tips you can follow to add in some cheesiness and fun to your look!

Are you looking over aged ? have lost yourself fresh look? Give yourself a funky , teenage look! With cool accessories.

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