8 Helpful Style tips for big busts

It is good to have big bust as they enhance the beauty of a women but having big busts means facing difficulties while dressing up, whether it is casual dressing or formal you are always confused how to carry a perfect outfit without looking indecent.

Here are some of the most amazing tips that we have gathered for you that will not only accommodate you but will also help you make look elegant.


Wraps or Wrap Dresses:

Wraps is an amazing way not only to cover your broad shoulders and big bust but they also add in the elegance and look of the dress. Wraps are easily available and they would not even cost you too much.

Wrap Dresses

They are easy to carry and will keep you warm and covered in cold nights. Wrap dresses and tops are in fashion and almost every wardrobe possesses them.

They do wonders for big busts that’s why they are preferred by mot women.

Turtle Necks and High Necks:

style tips

Wearing turtle necks, high necks, rounded necks, roll necks or skivvy is out of question. Women with big busts should never wear any of these because it gives your busts look even bigger which is not attractive at all.

Halter Tops:

Halter Tops

Halter tops are without sleeves and are a straps style shirt. It is usually low neck and makes your chest look more prominent and unflattering therefore say no to halter tops and necks.

Scoop Neck Shirts:


Women with big busts should prefer tops and shirts with scoop neck lines as it makes your chest look less heavy and more attractive.

V-Neck Line:


Neck lines that are V-shaped are also best for women with big busts. It makes your overall appearance flattering and figure more nicely shaped.

Sleeve Length:

long sleeve

Choosing the right length of sleeves is also important in making you look more classy and elegant. Three quarter sleeves are best when it comes to heavy chest. It makes you look slim and slender.

Stretchable Fabric:

Stretchable Fabric

Try buying outfits that have a stretchable material, don’t buy too fitted clothes instead prefer wearing A-lines and more flared clothes.

Horizontal Lines:

beautiful dresses

It is better for women with bigger busts that they don’t wear clothes with horizontal lines. Likewise they should constraint from wearing bike jackets and boxy tops. Wearing Dark colors will definitely work for you.

Styles enhance the beauty of women and make them look more presentable. Dressing is most important key factor that helps in modifying the appearance of women.

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