5 Secrets To Gorgeous Long Hair

Many of us dream of having long swishy hair but don’t know how to get it. Despite the ever evolving trends of short and stylish hair, you can’t deny the loveliness of a full head of gorgeous locks. To have great long hair means a big responsibility. If you want to have gorgeous long hair, here are five secrets that will help you in getting gorgeous long hair.

1. Proper diet

To have gorgeous long hair, only external care is not necessary. Intake of necessary vitamins and proteins is vital that contributes a lot in making your hair long and healthy. If your intake of protein is limited then you can’t have gorgeous long hair.

It is essential to add protein and vitamin in your daily routine. You can intake protein in the form of egg, meat particularly as red meat and chicken. If you are vegetarian, protein can also be found in beans and lentils.

2. Massage on scalp

Massaging is very important if you want to have long hair. When you massage your scalp you will feel a tingling sensation. This will increase circulation and blood flow to your follicles and boost growth of your hair. When you apply shampoo on your hair, massage at least for thirty minutes. It is often suggested by experts to brush hair every night.

The truth behind this fact is that when bristles of brush come in contact with your scalp, they stimulate blood flow which leads to growth of your hair. But this all depends only on bristles. Natural bristles are gentler than damaging metal and other synthetic version.

This soft and natural bristles will prevent your hair from breaking and splitting. Lavender oil can be apply to scalp for massaging as it is said to be very effective in promoting hair growth.

3. Wash less and use quality products

Go for more natural products. Always avoid the hair products that have excessive chemicals like silicon. Use silicon free shampoo. Never compromise your hair health. Always use best quality shampoo or conditioner that suits your hair.

Wash your hair too often strips off the natural oils that are essential for keeping hair strong and healthy. Stripping off natural essential oils from hair can lead to dryness and frizz. Only wash your hair every few days and use dry shampoo in between washes.

4. Trim your hair once a month

Get your hair trimmed about once every three months. Trimming hair is vital as it cut off the damaged bits otherwise you will end up with long hair that feels and look like straw. It is hard to trim your hair when you wish to have long hair and trying to grow it.

But trimming will remove split ends and makes your hair look fresh and healthy. Protect your hair from UV damage. Use special sprays to help protect from damaging sun rays while go out.

5. Keep your hair hydrated

In hot sun, wind and air conditioned and heated tools hair become dry. Moisturizing the scalp is crucial as we moisturize our skin. Pump hydration back to your hair with regular application of leave in treatments. Dry hair breaks and split more easily and therefore will not go length. Drink plenty of water to keep you and your hair hydrated.

These secrets will help you in preventing your hair from damage and result in gorgeous and healthy long hair.

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