10 Steps For Healthy Baby Hair

Babies are always lovely to have around. It is essential to take care of them with as much zeal and zest as you take care of your own self. Baby hair is another common area that requires a mothers attention. Baby hair need to be washed, cut, dried and combed just like our own hair. In order to ensure that your baby’s hair and scalp are healthy, follow these simple steps:

  • Babies are very delicate and require utmost attention at time of bathing. When preparing to wash your baby’s hair, be very attentive and careful. Make sure that at all times, your hand is supporting the baby’s neck. Use a baby shower chair for more support.

  • Babies often suffer from hair dryness. Hair dryness and dandruff occur in babies if you wash the head too often. In winters, your baby is mostly wearing a cap and once a week hair shampoo is more than sufficient for healthy baby hair. In summers, you can wash the baby hair twice a week. Any excessive washing will result in dry scalp and baby dandruff.

  • Shampoo the baby hair first and then begin applying soap. Do not leave the shampoo on for long. The lather and foam of shampoo can easily scare the baby. So shampoo and wash the head and then continue to give the baby a bath. Do not let the shampoo on for long.

  • Another tip to have healthy baby hair for your baby is to use a mild baby conditioner to untangle your baby’s hair if they are unmanageable. Baby conditioners provide the same benefits as adult conditioners and are very handy for rough baby hair.

  • Towel dry your baby’s head and use a soft brush or wide toothed comb and very gently brush the baby hair. A baby’s head is very delicate so be gently at time of brushing. Most mothers use a hard brush on children and brush their hair very aggressively. This can damage hair in children. Be gentle when you brush your baby’s hair and use soft strokes.

  • When brushing your baby’s hair, keep them in the direction in which they are growing. Hair follicles are still weak and brushing them in the opposite direction can weaken the roots. For healthy baby hair, you require light trimming once in a while. Babies do not require regular cutting since the hair growth is not very fast. Cut your baby’s hair a little if they are near the eye or are hindering the vision. Otherwise, there is no need to cut the hair again and again. Always wet the baby’s hair before cutting them. It is safer to cut the hair when the baby is sleeping, is in a good mood or is pre occupied with toys or playing a game. It is otherwise impossible to cut baby hair if your baby is throwing tantrums.

  • Apply a little baby oil on your baby’s scalp if the scalp is itchy and dry. Baby’s tend to scratch their heads if the scalp is very dry.

Your baby's hair require as much attention as your own hair. In order to have healthy baby hair, it's important to manage the overall health of your baby.

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