Zhalay Sarhadi

Zhalay Sarhadi’s Heart-Wrenching Confession: Inside Her Battle with Miscarriages and Beauty Standards in Showbiz!

Pakistani actor Zhalay Sarhadi shared her deeply personal struggles with miscarriages, health issues, and body image pressures in the entertainment ...

mens suiting

Andre Emilio Leads a Bespoke Suiting Renaissance with 15-Day Custom Tailoring

In an unprecedented move in the bespoke tailoring industry, Andre Emilio has set a new benchmark by offering high-quality, custom-made ...


Shameel Khan’s Groom Special: A Fusion of Timeless Tradition and Modern Trends in Menswear

In the realm of traditional menswear, Shameel Khan emerges as a beacon of elegance, masterfully blending heritage with contemporary fashion. ...

Mansha Pasha

Pakistan’s First Film School with A Fully Equipped and Operational Studio Launches in Karachi

Karachi Film School (KFS) proudly announces its official launch as Pakistan’s first film school associated with a fully equipped and ...

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle Poised for Show-Stopping Appearance at New York Fashion Week

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is reportedly gearing up for a sensational entrance at New York Fashion Week, sparking ...

Disney Villains inspired Weddings collection

Walt Disney World Unveils Disney Villains-Inspired Wedding Gowns

Walt Disney World has introduced a captivating addition to the 2024 Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings collection from Allure Bridals: Disney ...

The Body Shop

The Body Shop Contemplates Sale of Significant European and Asian Operations

The Body Shop is reportedly considering the sale of a substantial part of its business in Europe and Asia, accounting ...

Esme Festive Seasonal Collection 6

Timeless Elegance: Esme’s Festive and Seasonal Collection

Esme Amazing Collections offers a captivating array of elegant options that blend stunning embroidery with sophisticated designs, perfect for enhancing ...


Liberty Focuses on Expanding Own-Brand Products to Boost Sales and Explore Stand-Alone Stores

The renowned British retailer, Liberty, is making strategic moves to enhance its own-brand product offerings, with potential plans for dedicated ...

Biggmans Men's Short-Sleeve Walking Suits

The Essential Features of Biggmans Men’s Short-Sleeve Walking Suits

In the dynamic world of men's fashion, walking suits for men have emerged as a versatile and stylish choice for ...

Shameel Wedding Celebration

Wedding Celebration: Create Everlasting Memories with Shameel Khan’s Exclusive Sherwani and Attire

In the world of wedding celebrations, where every detail is imbued with significance, the choice of attire stands paramount. This ...

Cougar Premiere

Premiere by Cougar | Winter Clothes For Men Vibing with Vogue

The new collection of Cougar has paralleled the rise of the keen interests of customers. Likewise, winter clothes for women, ...

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Shameel Khan
Bespoke Light Grey Tuxedo With Black Lapel
Bespoke Light Grey Tuxedo With Black Lapel
Bespoke Dark Blue Textured Tuxedo
Bespoke Dark Blue Textured Tuxedo
Bespoke Grey Textured Double Breasted Tuxedo
Bespoke Grey Textured Double Breasted Tuxedo
Black And Gold Angle Cut Sherwani
Black And Gold Angle Cut Sherwani
Bespoke Light Grey Tuxedo With Black Lapel
Bespoke Light Grey Tuxedo With Black Lapel
Bespoke Dark Blue Textured Tuxedo
Bespoke Dark Blue Textured Tuxedo

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